Five Tips For A Better Baseball Game

Baseball requires many physical skills, from throwing and catching to pitching and batting. To improve your game, practice is necessary. Focus on making the most from your drills, and use your best form while in practice. Below are a few tips to keep in mind that will help improve your overall baseball game.

Tip 1: Throwing the Ball

Grip the baseball with your index and middle finger along the long seams of the baseball, with your thumb beneath for support. Square up your shoulders with your target, move towards the target, and then throw with a three-quarter arm action. Your followthrough should be a smooth arc down and across to the opposite side of your body. This will allow your arm to slow down after releasing the ball.

Tip 2: Fielding the Ball

Keep your feet spread and squat down for good balance and to keep the ball from going between your legs when fielding a grounder. Always keep your glove before you so can block the ball and watch it go into the glove.

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