Weapons Used in Martial Arts

martial-artsPracticing some kinds of martial arts will require at some point the use of weapons and their form will depend on the techniques that you approach while training in this type of combat sport. Martial arts are mostly a practice that involves moves of your body and your limbs in order to defend yourself and to submit your opponent. However due to several techniques that one can approach in performing this sport, you may need to use different weapons to enable you have a thorough training.

Some of the most commonly used weapons are: sword, nunchaku (two sticks connected at one end with a chain), and blunt knives. As mentioned above, these weapons will differ with the martial art you have chosen to practice. While many of these weapons may appear similar between each other, there are other types that are completely different when compared to other types of weapons. It is however important to always use the right instruction into helping you to handle properly these weapons. One should never consider using weapons in real life; they are designed merely to learn techniques of martial arts while taking the training lessons.

Due to the fact that these weapons are created as instruments to help with training they should be treated with respect. The presence of an instructor is therefore mandatory. He will teach you how to move your body in such a way that you can never hurt yourself while handling the specific weapon. Before getting deeper into the training, you need to choose from the very start the type of weapon you are more comfortably dealing with and in this way, you will be appointed with the right martial arts instructor.

Mini Tennis Court for Your Home – Things to Consider

tennis-girlMany people would like to have their tennis skills improved and for this fact they consider having a mini tennis court for their home place. These mini courts replicate the traditional tennis court only brought to smaller dimensions. They can be installed anywhere it is convenient to you in order to have access to playing any time you want.

Any surface that is flat and is available within the boundaries of your house land, such as backyard, parking lot or even driveways can be used to setup your mini court. This one comes with a tennis net, pre-cut lines, and balls that are of the same size with the regular ones. These balls are made of special foam ensuring the same bouncing characteristics of the regular tennis balls.

Let’s see some of this mini court advantages:

  • You can practice a lot your tennis strokes and footwork once the court comes in smaller size. This can not compare to the regular courts where one spends a lot of time recovering the balls and hitting the shots in an off balance motion. With the smaller court you can focus more on the quality of the hitting and the placement of your body.
  • With a mini court you are able to teach your kids how to play tennis. It is way easier for smaller kids to have the possibility of learning on courts that are more tailored to their size. Not to mention that they will have a more comfortable feeling on a smaller sized court as compared to those intimidating large courts.
  • Another benefit is the fact that a mini tennis court can fit easily on your backyard (when it is of flat surface) or even the driveway. And it won’t take you more than 10 minutes to have this court set up.