The Problem of the Bunker

golfer-crocodileGolf is a highly technical sport that takes a long time and a lot of patience and dedication to master. Unlike other sports it does not rely upon brute strength, a fixed set of physical skills and team work. Golf is all about a single man possessing enough mental strength, skills and confidence to execute on the range what others dare not. This is what makes a champion out of a player. But at the same time a golfer needs to improvise constantly. And nothing can be done without meticulous and continuous practice of a fixed set of complicated shots in order to master them. For example when the ball is in a bunker then the player needs to know how exactly to get the ball out of the bunker and get it as far as possible towards the next hole. Therein lies the true challenge of a good golfer. Not just to do the best, but be better than the best. That is what wins trophies, competitions and medals.

Greenside bunker shots are very complicated and not everyone can execute them with panache and confidence. What you can do in practice can hardly be replicated in the competition in the absence of hard work and confidence. Hence it is very important to keep practising shots like these and be as confident as possible without thinking too much about the errors that you can make. Continue reading “The Problem of the Bunker”