Throw The Punches! Erm, What Punch Is That?

Boxing has always been a popular sport. It was started by the Greeks in the seventh century A.D. and is considered as one of the first Olympic competitive games. Boxing might easily be characterized as a sport where a lot of punches are thrown. However, players can only stick with legal punches.

The following discussed are the legal punches that boxers could throw.


A jab is a rapid punch that is thrown from the front guard hand. Even if this movement does not inflict much pain, it is the most used form of punch. It is very easy to throw and it does not usually reveal a weak spot to the opponent. Jabs are used strategically to intimidate an opponent or to test his strength. Jabs are also used as trick punches. The number of jabs thrown and landed can be the determining factor of a victory especially if the fight is very close and no boxer was knocked down.

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