5 Great Tips For 100 Meter Dash Runners

The one hundred meter dash is a very exciting track and field event that a lot of people anticipate in, such as in schools or PE lessons. The most popular one hundred meter sprint around the world is of course, that of the Olympics. If you are planning to join a one hundred meter dash competition or you will try it for the track team in just a few weeks, you should first start conditioning yourself.

– Endurance training – You might be thinking that endurance is not important in one hundred meter dash events. After all, you would not really be running for a very long time. However, if you have a very strong endurance, you will not have a hard time gaining speed while running.
Do distance running about four or five times a week. You could wake up early in the morning to run a couple of kilometers or you could do it in the afternoon. If you choose to run on tracks, make sure you run for at least twenty-five minutes. If you put a lot of time in endurance training, not only will your breathing improve but your leg muscles will be toned as well.

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